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About us

Al-Madina International School is a new school that aims to bring Islamic principles to life through a strong Islamic ethos and environment. We will balance Islamic subjects & the UK National Curriculum to make sure that we as a community produce an ethical, well-balanced, Islamically knowledgable generation of the future.

Al-Madina International School is run by a founding team who all have experience in schools, administration and project management. The team have extensive UK experience, and are utilising that expertise to formulate a board of directors that are experts in running schools and advising upon Shariah.”

The very nature of the Islamic way of life is to seek knowledge, to educate, and to do so in the best of manners. It is with this driving force behind us that we hope to create a school model that benefits the ummah within Qatar, for our vision is to create.

The school opens its doors in November 2014 with KG1 and KG2 entry classes. We will continue to open primary year groups over time insha’Allah.